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Rates and minimum charges are calculated on per user basis, and are influence by usage patterns, typically delivery volume.


TierMinimum charge (ZAR)Rate (ZAR p/km)Info


50.0012.00Every new user is automatically placed on this tier to begin with, and through increased monthly usage, you can get upgraded.


50.0011.00This tier and its discounts are immediately accessible after purchasing your first bundle.


50.0010.00To qualify for this tier, your monthly usage should be at least 100km worth of delivery volume.


12.009.00To qualify for this tier, your monthly usage should be at least 500km worth of delivery volume.

Super User

12.008.00To qualify for this tier, your monthly usage should be at least 2000km worth of delivery volume.
This tier also grants you dedicated customer support should you need it.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are your operating hours?

WumDrop operates between 07h00 and 18h00 every weekday. Enterprise clients enjoy custom operational hours.

Where do you operate?

WumDrop operates in Cape Town, Stellenbosch, Pretoria, and Johannesburg. Our operational area is expanding all the time. And yes, Durban is on the cards. #soon

What's the biggest thing I can send as an individual?

Our current load limit is 15kg per parcel for on-demand deliveries.

What if I can't find my address on Google Maps?

Google Maps is a great mapping service. However, it isn’t 100% accurate all of the time. If you can’t find your address, reach out to us by clicking on the speech bubble below, and we’ll trouble shoot the issue together.

Are your vehicles branded?

In the interests of security, our bikes, scooters, cars and trucks aren’t branded.

Do I have to have a credit card?

WumDrop orders and discounted bundle purchases must be paid for using a valid South African cheque or credit card, or a valid virtual card from a service provider like VC Pay. Enterprise clients are billed on a monthly basis, and pay via bank transfer.

Can I send to multiple addresses at the same time on one route?

Available to our enterprise account clients, this option is our most cost effective. Give us multiple packages and multiple stops, and we’ll route them into one efficient route, and charge you the same per kilometre rate you love. Clients using this method enjoy average costs of between R20 and R50 per delivery, executed faster than anyone in South Africa.

How will I know if a driver is on the way?

You will receive an automated text message informing you that a driver is inbound to your location, with the driver’s name, and mobile number.

Is there a minimum charge?

Non-enterprise users are subject to a R50 minimum charge on all orders. But don’t panic! That isn’t a base charge, it’s a minimum charge. That means that we count from zero and round up to R50 if your total order comes to less than R50. But if our order comes to R51, you pay R51. Customers on the Extreme and Pro pricing tiers have no minimum charges.

How long will this whole thing take?

As with all things, it depends on how far we’re taking your package. Pick up will happen with the 30 minute pick up time slot specified by you, and drop off will happen within the following two hours depending on the distance, and location. Our average delivery time from placement to completion is 39 minutes.

Isn't R12/km kind of expensive for a business?

With no extra charges like time and base fares, it isn’t really, but we know how much your accounts department loves a bargain. That’s why we offer discounted rates of up to 33% on prepaid bundles. Bundle discounts depend entirely on your monthly usage. Scroll up to the top of this Pricing and FAQ page for a full break down of discounts available to you.

Will you buy something from the shops for me?

Alas and alack, we won’t. But you can be sure that we’ll make a big noise about this if and when we do add this service to our bag of tricks.

Are your drivers presentable?

Our drivers undergo a vigorous vetting process prior to their onboarding, and spot checks thereafter. If you ever spot one of drivers in a less than awesome state of appearance, please let us know via [email protected]

What is the furthest distance I can send to?

We can pick up from and deliver to anywhere within our operational limits.

Are you insured?

Every WumDrop load is insured for up to R40,000 by default, at no extra cost to you.

What if I want to send something later?

Brilliant! Simply book the time slot that suits you best or if it does not show there tell us what time you’d like us to make the pick up in the “Additional details” field of the check out page. It always makes it super awesome if you sweeten the deal by contacting us through the chat icon below.

Do you deliver between cities?

Nope. We're focussed exclusively on making the last mile of delivery awesome within the same city.

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